ECM Cheque Presentation 2015 photograph

Cheque Presentation 2015

ECM Chief Executive Lawrie Hudson accepts a cheque from Val Tudbal (Centre) Moderator and Andrew Williams (Convenor of Captains) of The High Constables of Edinburgh.

We are grateful to the High Constables for their support.

ECM Cheque Presentation 2015 photograph

Photo of food charity in Argintina for ECM

Care Van Inspires

ECM & Bethany CT Care Van Inspires work in Parana, Argentina.


Dear Steve and Care van team

Last time we were in Scotland we were motivated by the work of CARE VAN,

So we decided to implement a similar work in our city in a weekly basis…

Thanks brother for your work. Your work it is not in vain, we were motivated for your work of love.

I share a link that will give you an overview of the work of Life Rescue Brigade.


God bless you a lot