Harvest Food coming in, Thanks to Fettes and St Georges Schools.

Huge thank you to Fettes College and St Georges School for their amazing generosity in collecting food for Basics bank.


Our sincere thanks for your continued support and prayers for the work of ECM.


Chief Executive – Lawrie Hudson

Pray for Lawrie as he continues to connect with churches and meets up with leaders and Ministers in the city.

Pray for the ongoing negotiations with Churches regarding the establishment of Gospel cafes that we would only do what God has prepared for us.

Pray for positive movement towards working with existing cafes and opening new cafes in the right churches.


Basics Bank – Steve Wright, Sarah Johnson and Rachel Finlayson

We do give thanks for the abundance of food provisions this week from Harvest Thanksgiving at  Fettes College.

Steve shared the atmosphere at Newington Basics Bank was happy with lots of laughter and everyone felt encouraged by it.  A number of previous clients came along for a coffee and a chat.  We give thanks to God that we had enough fresh health food to help to improve the wellbeing of the clients.

Please pray for:

was looking well today and expressed how grateful he was for the food and encouragement that he had been given. He had been to an appointment to help with his health issues and felt that his life could improve now. We pray that he doesn’t have to wait too long to get the further referral that would benefit his wellbeing.

was sad after facing the first wedding anniversary since the loss of her husband. She shared her problems and we pray that this helped her to deal with her feelings.

came prepared with a holdall with wheels after he had difficulty carrying his food home last week due to his sore arm. Pray that his health problems and aches and pains improve.

A has had some bad news about his health and is very frightened. Please pray that the sparkle comes back into his eyes and give him strength to face the future.

M has an interview for a job on Monday. Pray for a positive outcome.

is not receiving benefits due to conflicting information from two government departments. We pray that this is sorted out soon. He has found work but will not receive his first pay until the end of October.

doesn’t have enough money to live on due to deductions from his benefits for child support and debts. With support from Basics Bank and re-negotiating the deduction rate, his financial worries will get better. Pray that he can find some calm in his life as his anxieties reduce.
S starting Christianity Explored this week that she will gain a full understanding of Jesus.

G who has just been released from prison after 14 years and is completely disorientated and lost as well as having no family and no money pray that he will connect with the church in Granton and that God will keep him from danger.


Care Van ministry

Evening Care Van – We give thanks for the teams that go out faithfully each night, starting at the Waverly Bridge.

Continue to pray please:

…for good connections with the clients.

…for those who find themselves homeless and need to access the Care Van

…for the smooth running of both services and for safety for all when the van is out

…for breakthrough in the lives of those who are ministered to through the Care Van, that lives may be changed and turned towards God.

Lunch Time  –  the van goes around the city centre Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays giving out practical help.

Please pray that the help becomes more than food and clothing and develops into real relationships where the clients are helped out of their present situation.

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