Just Do It

This morning as a train passenger received his ticket from the conductor he said “Thanks, that’s magic” quite a common word used in Edinburgh for some time, but, as good as the Scotrail conductors are, what they do is not magic in any sense of the word.

It got me thinking about words and how often people use them inappropriately. How often do we hear the name of God, Jesus or Christ used in the wrong context. In modern day text speak O.M.G. is commonplace. Some Christians get uptight about “Using the Lords name in vain” not sure that this is using the Lords name in vain (Subject of another discussion) Have you ever thought about turning these statements, used out of context, and turn them into an opportunity to share your faith, after all it is what the great commission tells us to do.

Try this the next time you hear O.M.G. “Is He”…….Is He what………”Is he your God”………well, you know what I mean…..”If He is your God”………. go on and tell them what you know about God, Father, Abba, Daddy, Creator…….etc

What an opportunity it is right now on the lead up to Christmas, when people use the name Jesus or Christ, to tell them that He is your Jesus Christ, Saviour, Anointed One, Redeemer…………there is around 200 names for Jesus in the Bible, go on exhaust them all.

A watchword. People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care. Maybe there is an action from you to go with the words!

Just Do It.

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