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Should you need to access the help of a Basics Bank, please have a support worker, housing agent, or NHS professional contact us using the details below.

Edinburgh City Mission
0131 225 9445

Steve Wright (direct line)
0131 243 9145

Photo of Edinburgh City Mission Basic BankBehind the public face of an affluent and rapidly advancing city such as Edinburgh, there are areas of real deprivation and poverty.

People of all ages find themselves caught up in a downward spiral of helplessness and powerlessness, some who are homeless or in temporary accommodation, escaping from domestic or other kinds of violence, unemployed, while others are caught up in the web of debt problems.

In seeking to address some of these issues and bring practical relief, Edinburgh City Mission, as part of its program of care, have a project called Basics Bank.

Basic Bank provides a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere where individuals, parents and children can find the kind of help they need, whether that be practical, emotional or spiritual.

Meaningful Partnerships

In partnership with city churches, schools and individuals who donate food, hygiene items etc, Edinburgh City Mission, works together with a local network of voluntary and charitable agencies. These refer clients for assistance through a referral scheme that ensures that help is given to those with genuine needs.

Basics Bank does not offer permanent help – it is here to help people on their way through a crisis. Help can be provided for up to two months, after which we will re-assess the need for further assistance.

ECM now partner with Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) to offer a range of support services through the Basics Bank Network.


Photo of Edinburgh City Mission Basic Bank

Making a difference

To achieve this, the Mission depends on individuals, churches and schools who will guarantee regular support to the project, in terms of food or hygiene items. ECM encourages people to sign up to a Basics Bank Covenant, and provides guidance concerning the items which participants should supply.





Donate Supplies

We welcome donations of food and other resources for the Basics Banks.

Basics Banks  depend on individuals, churchePhoto of Edinburgh City Mission Basic Banks and schools who will guarantee regular support to the project, in terms of food or hygiene items.

Example Requirements

  • Rice, Soup, Tea, Coffee, Sugar
  • Tinned meats (ham, corned beef, steak)
  • Tinned Fish, Tinned fruit
  • Breakfast Cereals, some Snacks/Treats
  • Shampoo & Toothpaste, all types of Toiletries


Photo of Edinburgh City Mission Basic BankECM Basics Banks needs Church Champions to help provide items.



Financial donations for the work of ECM can be made by various means from the 'Donations' page on this website.