“May the glory of God and the salvation of souls be your chief – your only end”

Christian Heritage Centre

Christian Heritage Centre at St Columba’s Church

ECM Photo of stained glass window

The purpose for the Christian Heritage Centre is to communicate the Christian faith through an information desk, exhibition of the spiritual history of the Royal Mile, Christian book-table, Media presentation and Celtic Tour.

Our vision is to inspire and challenge today’s generation by bringing the extraordinary spiritual history of Edinburgh to life.

The Celtic Tour takes the form of a walking tour on the famous Royal Mile, while the St Columba’s Church is used as a venue for the exhibition, lectures, debates, DVDs, literature, arts, music, theatre and dance, where we seek to engage with our culture in as many ways as we can.

From spring 2014, the former cultural miniseries including The Heritage Centre and Celtic Tours will form a new separate organisation, independent of ECM, called Christian Heritage Edinburgh. You can visit their website here.