Photo of food charity in Argintina for ECM

Care Van Inspires

ECM & Bethany CT Care Van Inspires work in Parana, Argentina.


Dear Steve and Care van team

Last time we were in Scotland we were motivated by the work of CARE VAN,

So we decided to implement a similar work in our city in a weekly basis…

Thanks brother for your work. Your work it is not in vain, we were motivated for your work of love.

I share a link that will give you an overview of the work of Life Rescue Brigade.


God bless you a lot



New partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau and Basics Bank

New partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau and Basics Bank

Our sincere thanks for your continued support and prayers for the work of ECM.

Care Van ministry

Evening Care Van – We give thanks for the teams that go out faithfully each night, starting at the Waverly Bridge.

Continue to pray please:

…for good connections with the clients.

…for those who find themselves homeless and need to access the Care Van

…for the smooth running of both services and for safety for all when the van is out

…for breakthrough in the lives of those who are ministered to through the Care Van, that lives may be changed and turned towards God.

Lunch Time  –  the van goes around the city centre Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays giving out practical help.

Please pray that the help becomes more than food and clothing and develops into real relationships where the clients are helped out of their present situation.


Basics Bank – Steve Wright, Sarah Johnson and Rachel Finlayson


Please pray for the partnership with Citizens Advise Bureau as a dedicated worker joins our Basics Bank setup on the 1st October.


Please pray for all the Basics Banks; pray that we would keep the ministry fresh and not become complacent.  


P – arrived for his 3rd week of 6. He continues to improve and is looking better. He is worried about his mother who is unwell so we pray that this does not have an adverse effect on his continual struggle.

A – remains positive about finding part time work that will suit his talents. He continues to chat to us although he no longer receives food and we pray that we can maintain this relationship with him. He was looking very smart this week.

L – benefits stopped following the recent loss of her husband. She came along with her knitting and chatted openly with the volunteers. Hopefully this helped her put her problems to the back of her mind for couple of hours. Pray that her benefits are sorted out and she can move forward to adjusting to a life without her husband.

J –  has many health problems and is currently undergoing some aggressive therapy. His benefits have stopped and he is currently waiting for JSA to start. Pray that his treatment is successful and some of his health problems resolve.

T –  is really keen to find work and is growing in confidence. Pray that this continues and that she finds the right job for her.


Newington Basics Bank has now returned to Community Church Edinburgh and we are very grateful to Priestfield Church for accommodating us so willingly and for the warm welcome that we received. Pray for the congregation at Priestfield, particularly Jared, Kenny and Diana who gave their time so generously.


Chief Executive – Lawrie Hudson

Pray for Lawrie as he continues to connect with churches and meets up with leaders and Ministers in the city.

Pray for the ongoing negotiations with Churches regarding the establishment of Gospel cafes that we would only do what God has prepared for us.

Pray for positive movement towards working with existing cafes and opening new cafes in the right churches.