Crisis Support

Housing and Homelessness Support

We have gathered a list of local drop-in services for people who are in crisis. Edinburgh churches are hearing the call to mission, to open their doors and get involved in outreach, which is impacting our city.

Dashed Line (Pink Alt)

Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership (EHAP)

If someone is at risk of losing their home because their landlord or mortgage company is taking legal action to evict them, they should immediately contact Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership who can provide advice and arrange for someone at risk of losing their home to be represented at court hearings. Advice is also provided on a wide range of housing issues – phone for an appointment with an adviser at venues across the city.

  • Telephone: 0131 442 1009 or 0845 302 4607

Notice to Quit drop-in sessions at 1A Parliament Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1RF. Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Housing and Homelessness Support Feature Image
Housing and Homelessness Support Feature Image

Access Point

The Access Place, 6 South Grays Close, Edinburgh, EH1 1TQ

Register as homeless here if you are 18+ and don’t have children. Providing advice regarding entitlements, eligibility for temporary accommodation and benefits.

  • Telephone: 0131 529 7438 / 0131 529 5015

Hostels are now to be accessed through the Council by going to the Access Point.


Salvation Army – Regener8

25 Niddry St, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG.

Day drop in service located just off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. For ages 16-65+.

Open on a daily basis from 9am-2pm, providing a safe refuge for the street homeless. The service includes breakfast and lunch, with access to laundry and shower facilities.

  • Telephone: 0131 523 1060
Housing and Homelessness Support Feature Image

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If you know of a community outreach activity that isn’t on our list, please contact us with details so that we can add it.

Please note that this information was correct before the Covid-19 pandemic, please check with the service provider to see if their services have now been cancelled or changed.